Monday, June 05, 2006

Amazing Lace Challenge #1: Meet The Team

Meet Kodachrome Knits!

Camera Shots: As you can see pictured here on the right (Camera Shot #2), Kodachrome has been in training for a couple of months now, and is looking to be in fine form. She started with some handpainted yarn for an Ene's Shawl, and then moved on to the Nancy Bush Friday Harbor Socks. Things were going swimmingly with this lace stuff, so heroically (or crazily?) she quickly moved onto Glampyre's famous lace top, Orangina. When seeing the announcement for the Amazing Lace, Kodachrome quite candidily said, "No sweat..., I dig this lace gig."

So feeling fine and confident with so much training, Kodachrome announced that her project would be the Eunny Lang's Print O' The Wave Stole with Rowan Kidsilk Haze. By the time the starting gun would be fired, announcing the beginning of the race, she was sure to have that Ene Shawl completed, both Friday Harbor Socks gracing her feet, all while strutting around in her newly completed Orangina. Indeed, with all this training, Kodachrome felt that nothing would get in her way--nothing at all.

But wait a minute: why is Kodachrome wearing only one sock? And Ene's shawl--there's barely any of it there! And Orangina-what's up with the top? The needles are dangling off of the ribbing and clearly the seams have yet to be sewn. Obviously, in the training months, there's been some problems and obstacles. Maybe Kodachrome isn't as ready for the Print O' The Wave Stole as she thought. Oh no! What's that? She hasn't even ordered the yarn?? What's going on??

To read more of this harrowing start to the Amazing Lace, please see my former blog, "".


Oh, Kodachrome--there seemed to be so much promise there....