Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Short Introduction to Kodachrome

Until time can be found to make the switch over from, I thought that I would briefly introduce myself in the interim.

So, a few things about Kodachrome:

I am thirty-two. I share my life with a handsome Hemingway-type man and a dandy Bosie-type golden retriever. I recently had to lay to rest our beautiful, intrepid cat--"PussPuss" (b. June 2004; d. April 2006).

I am a PhD Candidate and a lecturer of English literature. I am a Canadian Prairie girl a la Joni Mitchell stranded (momentarily?!) on the Plains of the American Southwest. And so I run now. And I also blog now.

I'm using this blog, along with my Nikon camera, to document my attempts at living a creative, responsible, healthy, handmade life in defiance of corporations and multinationals that push us into thoughtless mass consumerism and destructive consumption. Therefore, I knit, I craft, I thrift, I run, I bike, I garden, I read, I walk, I write, I bird, I sew, I recycle, I reuse, I give, I receive, I create and sustain... .

In short, I believe in a well-crafted, creative, thoughtful, responsible, and sustainable life. I don't believe in lifestyles.