Friday, September 08, 2006

The Destruction of Kiri

Remember this guy? The black cat from HELL who Guido and I are not supposed to be having to care for but because he was dumped off on us, and we cannot find a single soul who will take him, we are forced to having to care for him despite his constant assaults and attacks on us and our dog (and not to mention those worms he had...*ugh*). We'll he's really playing with fire now because I caught him in the act of chewing up my new project. Look at this:

"Ah, Mr. Kurtz, the horror...the horror..."

As you can see, I have begun Kiri. Or should I say, I *had* begun Kiri. I found Kiri lying in a heap with the cat stalking about nearby, swishing his tail. As I tried to fix it, I just kept making it worse, as you might be able to see in these photos.

Guido stars here as a hand model.

At last, I gave up, cursed the cat, and have rebegun the shawl (which meant painfully having to once again figure out that freakin' confusing "invisible cast-on" nonsense which seems so so so easy and yet I find so difficult to execute for some silly reason).