Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another To Do/To Make List

1. Learn how to make my banner stretch out nicely like everyone else's. Mine looks terrible, but I can't waste any more time fooling around with it.

2. Buy a bedwarmer from Dogged Knits's etsy shop, and some soap from KnittingPhilistine.

3. Knit a skirt, after seeing Julia's at MindofWinter, to wear this summer.

4. Actually start piecing together the squares on this quilt-to-be instead of just rearranging them all the time, and then restacking them. Given my sewing skills, I'm nervous to start for *reals*.

5. Post some progress photos of Forecast, which I'm loving right now; I'm nearly at the arm-holes.

6. Sew some beautiful (but *easy*) blinds like these. (Shoot, I can't find the flickr photo of the blinds I wanted to sew....argh!)

7. Post some photos of the new blue living room that I painted this past week.

8. Learn proper/standard/acceptable knit-blog etiquette.