Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Beret, The Banana Republic Coat, and...and....The Bedwarmer??

Okay, I mentioned a while back that I'd show you the finished beret, the Banana Republic coat found at a thrift store, and the bedwarmer made after seeing Ashley's. Here, folks, are two of the three. The third has yet to be photographed. Soon....very soon.
BTW: Have you seen this new flickr group: Handknit Street Style? It was begun, I believe, by LollyGirl, and the requirements are that you post a photo of a handknit actually being worn--no WIPs, no sweater artfully laid out on a bed, no hat positioned on Hemingway's head. I like this idea of Lolly's because so often we never get to see people actually wearing their handknits and this must change! For one thing, I'd like to see if a garment is wearable before investing my time and money in making it. (I know, I know, it's supposed to be about the process, the craft, the artifact created, the feel of the silky wool between your fingers, but quite frankly, I'm also very much interested in the utility of it as well--hence, why we are considered to be both craftspeople *and* artists!) So start wearing your knits, people, and then show us that you are indeed wearing them, and how, and that it isn't simply for a staged photo shoot. (For instance, the photo above was taken on my way home from campus, in the university washroom. The entire time I was hoping/praying that one of my colleagues or students wouldn't walk in. How embarrasing would that be?)