Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Vessel Wednesday

Carson has been running "Vessel Wednesday" for a while now. There have been some really lovely vessels photographed as of late. I've been meaning to take part, but this is the first Wednesday that I have actually thought of it in time. Unfortunately, I don't have a very "artsy" photo, but this one will have to do for this particular Wednesday.

I found this birch bowl in a Goodwill store back in Canada about six years ago. It usually holds tealight candles and my Canadian money, but I think such a pretty wooden bowl should actually be holding these instead:

The first day of spring actually means starting to garden here in the Southwest (unlike in Western Canada where the first day of spring meant waiting two more months before getting to start gardening...)

This is the bottom of the vessel: it says "Birch" then "Sid and Ella Kingdon, 1984".