Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Container Wednesday--Sorta


For Carson's "Container Wednesday," I took the above photo last week. But I also took the photo to demonstrate the difference between myself and my neighbours. The bike shown above is "my container"--my "wheels". This is how I get to campus, which is about ten blocks away. Below, you'll find the photo of my neighbour's "container"--his "wheels": this is how he rides to get to the campus which is, again, ten blocks away.


I'm not sure what he encounters on his drive that requires such big tires, but apparently, he's gotta be ready for the extreme--that seems to be the Texan way (for many, anyways).

The photo is taken from our porch, and you can see the school yard that is across from us. Notice there are no play structures in the school yard. A litigious culture gets you this type of school playground. Seriously, it's an elementary school (where a very famous singer went to school in fact) and there isn't a single play structure because parents sue the school board.

You'll also notice that in the photos above, taken last week, you can see some of my geranium and marigold blooms. (I choose geraniums and marigolds this year because these are always the flowers found on my parents front steps, and it makes me think always of home-- :)


In any case, that was last week. Below, is this week:


Yep. That's right. In Texas, you don't get snow in April, you get ice rain. How pleasant. It seems that between the dust storms and the ice storms and the 90 degree (35 degree?) weather of the past week or two, the Apocalypse is fast approaching this place.

So with that, I wish you all a very Happy Spring.

Now let me go look outside to see if the Black Plague and the locusts have begun to mark their arrival yet....