Monday, June 18, 2007

Girl Interrupted

Dear Readers,

I apologize for my silence. Many things have occured that have taken me away from my blog and knitting, though I have still been reading all of you (just silently) and knitting vicariously through you.

And now that I'm ready to show you a completed Eyelet Skirt, I do not have the use of my camera at the moment (I cannot find my bleeping battery recharger for it). So, I give you one of my Ms Pacman scores. Yes, dear readers, instead of knitting I've been playing Pacman when I haven't been on the road (I returned to Canada for a family affair, and am only now back in the USA).

And to make matters worse, I no longer have an internet connection at home, so blogging will have to be on the fly (sly) at work -- I'm a closet blogger and don't want my office-mate to see -- and so blogging, until the beginning of July when I get Internet access again, will still be sparse. I will keep reading, mind you. :)

Miss you all, and hope you are having a good summer thus far.

PS: I missed my birthday and my blogoversary, so I'm thinking July 1st (Canada Day) will be a good day to have a wee bit of a contest giveaway :)