Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When Disaster Strikes.... should: (A) procrastinate dealing with it by admiring all of your favourite knit-bloggers, (B) decide to copy (yet again!) one of those said bloggers, (C) start a new project, (D) all of the above.

Answer: D
Hence, the Elisa Tote has been started, inspired as always by Dogged Knits (take that, pretty gymnastic girl--Ashley soooooooo rocks the house!).

Plus, this tote not only will help distract me from the Eyelet Skirt mishap, but it will also help me with my commitment to living green. (Now go join the GreenCraft group on Ravelry if you can and if you haven't done so yet. There are awesome tips being shared, and Al Gore, Leonardo, and the Earth will thank you.)

Speaking of the Earth, here's my first sunflower, which I present to those of you who helped commisserate with me on the Eyelet disaster, and who offered tips--or just sympathy! Now I'm about to go home, and face this task. I will rescue the Eyelet! I will!

Can you see the difference in length here in the post-disaster photo? It's not the the end of the world obviously; the skirt would still be wearable (I guess), but I'm positive I can reblock it to be of the same length. It's at least worth a try...