Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Amazing Lace: Crossing the Finish Line!

I present my version of Eunny Lang's Print O' The Wave Stole, which was my team-partner in this summer's Amazing Lace KAL.

My Amazing Lace teammate and I lost no time in getting right to our travel-race plans. On June 11th, my yarn arrived from Elann (colour: SeaShell Pink). On June 12th, my partner and I hopped in the car and headed east, travelling through Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, to northern Indiana. The stole itself began on the morning of June 16th, on the lovely porch of my partner's aunt and uncle's home in Indiana.

That same day, from Indiana, the stole and I then travelled on through Detroit, MI on route to Southern Ontario. I knit while my partner drove on a scenic, winding, road alongside the interstate. It was quiet and scenic until we hit the NASCAR road traffic with fanatics in RVs everywhere. Despite the increase in traffic (and weirdness, for lack of a better word), we had a good day. My partner (Guido) cheered on his favourite baseball team thanks to our beloved XM Satellite Radio while I continued to YO and SSK.

It was in Southern Ontario where the Stole and I found ourselves in turmoil: trying to finish it before a friend's wedding while trying to write a disseration while trying to visit with my partner's family and many childhood friends. Something had to give, but what? Well, the border of the stole for one. And the grafting for another. (As you can see, my waves roll only one way but really who can be bothered to make sure waves are rolling down each arm in two different directions? Well, besides the perfectionist, the intelligent, the diligent, the delightful Eunny Lang, herself? Not me, that's for sure!)

So Print O' the Wave, with minutes to spare, made her debut at the wedding on June 26. Seriously, minutes to spare. I cast off while my partner drove us to the wedding, and then while sitting in the parking lot, I sewed in the loose ends. Though not blocked (to my great disappointment), she kept me warm in the frigid (air-conditioned) hall while we boogied all night to bad, but fun and necessary, wedding songs. The blocking came the next day.


Pattern: Eunny Lang's Print O' the Wave Stole (modified: see narrative above, and comments below)

Yarn: Peruvian Collection Baby Silk from Elann (3 skeins and a bit)

Needles: US 5 circulars

Modifications: I left off the border because I was pressed for time, and did 3 repeats of the wave pattern instead of 4. Also, I didn't do the pattern wave motif in two sections (which you are to graft together). Instead, I simply cast on, knit until I ran out of time, and then did the eyelet border pattern to complete it.

Views: I loved this pattern and the yarn (though I do find the Alpaca a bit scratchy on my bare skin). My only wish is that I would have had more time so that I could have made the stole longer and wider. I would, if doing this again, do 4 wave repeats so that the stole is wider, and I would make it at least another 12" in length. I'm not sure I would do the border, and I don't think I would bother with the grafting because the waves going in one direction do not bother me at all. I don't think it makes much difference, and in fact, I wouldn't want a graft line, no matter how invisible, going down my backside!)