Monday, September 25, 2006

A Contest Involving Busts

Wow... a bit creepy, isn't it? I mean, the sculpted face here, not the baby hat, of course.

No, not those kind of busts.... Where are your minds? I mean the statue-thingey.

This is a baby hat, that just needs sewing up the back, and a gentle washing and blocking, before being sent off to my girlfriend who just had a wee baby boy. The pattern is from a Debblie Bliss book and the yarn is some 50% wool, 50% acrylic blend from Switzerland. (I'll look up all the necessary details when I present the actual finished product in a couple of days.)

And the head on which it rests? The first commenter to leave the correct "name that bust" answer in today's comments will win a prize--a wee prize, but a prize, nonetheless.

(Here's the pattern for the hat, on a much more suitable model than mine, from the DB book itself. )

And here's the Bosie-type dog, who makes a rare appearance on the blog from time to time. This is pretty much his routine everyday when I head out to water the tiny vegetable, flower & herb garden in the morning. First, "Bosie" takes stock of the yard, scoping out any doves or squirrels hanging about which might need chasing (or more likely, which might need barking at, given that as he nears 12 years old, he's much more of a barker than a chaser).

After the squirrels and birds have been scared off, it's down to business, chewing on one of the many sticks blown down over the course of the evening. (We live in a very windy place, and have a huge oak tree above us which is slowly dying, it seems, and so it loses many branches--some huge (!), some tiny. "Bosie" however doesn't discriminate, and chews whatever he finds--wherever the sticks may fall, as it were...)

And then, of course, with so much work completed, it's time for one of his ninety-two naps which he'll take over the course of the day.