Friday, October 27, 2006

Ganomy Hat: Take 1

The two-colour Ganomy Hat (in Ella Rae Classic Wool Yarn)
inspired by Jessica's Ganomy.

This was my Elizabeth Zimmerman Ganomy Hat (from the Knitters Almanac) as of late last night (the photo taken this morning, though). This was how far I had gotten just before I tried it on...and tried it on...and tried it on.

No matter how much I pulled and stretched and cursed (not really), the Ganomy remained unwilling to slide itself down onto my noggin in any way resembling a comfortable fit. Perhaps, in getting tied up in the Tigers stressful fight against the Cardinals last night, perhaps because of the mojitos and the wine and the ice cream, perhaps because I simply wanted to hurry up and begin my participation in the EZ KAL, I failed to notice (or to take the time to notice) that this hat was just plain too small. Ergo--rip, rip, rip.

"And so we beat on, boats against the current..."*

Until take 2 of the Ganomy occurs, I wish everyone in the EZ KAL (and all other bloggers/knitters) a happy weekend.

(*How's that for literary melodrama? I think EZ, a talented writer with a flair for the dramatic, might have appreciated the insertion of Fitzgerald here.)

PS: Thanks Olga, Julia, Lazuli (and just now Moe! hi Moe!) for the "to-block-or-not-to-block" feedback; I'm going to hold off on blocking the Clapotis and just wear it for a while, enjoying its "raw silkiness."