Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fascinating & Disturbing & Just What We Always Knew

Clapotis, made with Cherry Tree Hill Rustic Silk,
will be soaking & blocking this weekend.*

Discovered over at mellowtrouble (in this earlier post) is a link to this evocative Dove advertisment on youtube. Have a look. If not surprising, it at least affirms everything we thought and believed about the images that constantly surround us, bombard us, provoke us. And it's just plain fascinating (and reassuring?disturbing?) to watch.

*Did/Do most knitters bathe/block their Clapotis/Clapotises/Clapoti [sp?] upon completion? Do you--"you" being that collective, whoever-might-be-out-there-reading-this "you"--wash & block every item you knit before you consider it to be completed? Inquiring minds want to know...