Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One Tomato, Two Tomatoes, Three Tomatoes, Four...

I promise I'll quit soon with the tomato photos, but I'm finding the markings on these tomatoes to be quite interesting, and quite simply, breathtaking.

Unfortunately, however, as you can see in this photo, the tomatoes are inedible. So despite Olga's fantastic recommendations for preparing the tomatoes with olive oil and pepper, these tomatoes have become nothing more than "still life". Curiously beautiful, yes, but not tasty at all...

Other things found within my garden these days? Our push lawnmower, about finished with its mowing tasks for yet another year. With leaves beginning to fall and green life about to fade away, it's (sadly) time to start putting away the garden tools, and to bid adieu to those joyous "greens of summer".

Or perhaps not quite. I keep forgetting that living in the Southwest USA, as opposed to Canada, means many more weeks of summer greens. Indeed, looking above me today, I'm shocked that, though the beginning of October is upon us, there's still plenty of green around us. For look at all those leaves still awaiting their fall from grace.

And for Julia, then, who has brought me back to poetry--










----------------e.e. cummings's (a leaf falls on loneliness)

PS: Regular scheduled knitting content to return soon to this station. Please stay tuned--