Friday, November 03, 2006

Decisions. Decisions.

This past week, I finished both the clapotis and the EZ ganomy hat. FO photos and project details will be posted in the coming days, just as soon as the sun decides to shine again in these parts. This week of finishing means that I'm ready to cast on for a new project, and thus, tough(!) decisions must be made.

Firstly, I have much baby-knitting to do, as everyone, but me, seems to be pregnant these days. I want to make Hello Yarn's pirate hat in a wee size for a friend who is obsessed with Halloween. I also want to knit a soft, luxury (cashmere?) girly cap for a colleague who knows she is expecting a girl. Then there is the holiday knitting. I want to make a beret, a la Julia (see post of 22 September 06), for someone special. I want to make my father some warm EZ mittens like these because now that he's 70, his hands have poor circulation and so he finds his hands so so cold on his (Canadian) farm.

But what?

But there are also so many beautiful sweaters out there that I want to try, and given I've only ever made one sweater--which failed miserably but was the first thing I had ever knit [I was 25. Why did I start with a fair-isle sweater for pete's sake? What's wrong with starting with a hat or a scarf?? Well, it didn't exactly fail but it turned out to be of a gargantuan size. I actually gave up knitting then, and didn't pick it up again for about five years because I was so disappointed that all my time went into that thing that was essentially useless unless you wanted a sweater to cover your car at night)--Anyways, I'm simply trying to say that I want to cast on for a sweater.

For instance, I want to start knitting Forecast after seeing some beautiful versions show up on the blogs. Consider, for instance, those made by guavaseeds; pinku; moe; and fricknits, just to name a few.

I want to knit an Hourglass Sweater and a Lace Leaf Pullover because I've seen so many nice ones completed. I want to knit Raspy from Rowan Denim People, and an EZ hybrid sweater (one for me and one for my beau), a la BrooklynTweed.

And I want to start knitting this:

The "Aran Sweater" by Michael Kors.
Pattern found in Vogue Knitting, Holiday Issue 2005.

However, I'm not feeling too courageous about the Kors sweater, especially after reading Sandra's two posts about attempting it, who says this: "I am so done with Vogue Knitting International. Their patterns are so miserably written. I have given up on the Michael Kors Aran Top, it's official. In a way, it's almost a relief." Any one else have any problems with VK patterns? (....ah, there are just so many sweaters that I want to knit. How to decide, how to decide. Any suggestions, oh wise knitters?)