Thursday, November 09, 2006

Arrgghhh....Here's What I've Been Up To

Arghh.....matey. This week, I've made my swatch for my baby version of Hello Yarn's We Call Them Pirates hat. It needs to be finished for the baby shower next weekend.

Secondly, as the Buddha can attest to here, I've started swatching for my EZ hybrid sweater. I thank you all for your thoughtful feedback from the last post, and because of that feedback, I decided to start with the hybrid sweater for my second-ever sweater project, then move on to either Raspy or Forecast.

For the EZ hybrid, I'm using some cone yarn--100% New Zealand Wool, DK weight--that I won (for cheap) on ebay a while ago. So far it seems like it'll be lovely wool to knit with.

Lastly, I finished the EZ Ganomy Hat. I used Ella Rae Classic Wool Yarn and knit it on 4 mm circular needles. It wasn't my favourite yarn to work with, but it wasn't terrible. The brown wasn't quite the brown I was looking for [it seems a bit dull, a bit flat in its color], but that's just me being too picky. The pattern, found in EZ's Knitter's Almanac, was crafty/smart and easy to follow, more so because of the guidance of others on the Zimmermaniac KAL.

The overall finished project? I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. Pragmatically, this hat will do what it needs to do: keep my ears warm! And I do like how I can either wear it with the ear flaps pulled down, or easily roll them up if that strong West Texas wind isn't blowing down my neck.

See, Pap Hemmy is demonstrating its versatility here; his other modeling shots are posted on Flickr.