Friday, December 01, 2006

Thank You

Dear Friends:

I write to thank you for all of your good advice regarding the EZ February Baby Sweater crisis. You're all right, so, so right. I knew ripping back to the yoke was the only real solution, but there was a part of me that wanted an easier solution. I thought if enough people said, "Why yes, Kodak! Certainly boldly stripping green, fuscia, and lavender yarn throughout a delicate lace pattern will look FANTASTIC! Go for it! Stipe away in those loud contrasting colors!!"--then I might just believe it to be true.

But alas, dear knitters, you are all honest, strong, and assertive, and you told me exactly what I needed to hear. Besides, who would I be not to rip back to correct the EZ sweater after having witnessed Ashley's own recent, brave frogging of her mitten?

Indeed, big thanks to everyone for their helpful feedback. Now, a-ripping I will go. And to cheer me through this painful moment, I have this beautiful holder of tissues by my side, made and sent to me by Craftapalooza.

Because I won a contest (and not a pretty one, either: "I'll also give away a tissue holder to the most entertaining spew or overindulging story posted as a comment, yep, you have to publicy humiliate yourselves as well" (Craftapalooza, 22 September 2006), she sent me this cute holder all the way from down-under. Thanks, dear, for honouring my spewing story in such a kind and beautiful way. Who knew such beauty would come from such a gross story....