Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Blocking of Kiri: A Silent Film*

*I didn't have time this morning, besides to drape Kiri over Guido while he was playing the piano, to do a modelling photo shoot for Kiri, but I'll see to that in the coming days. Then, all details and thoughts on this project will be shared with you all.

**My sincere apologies to Wendy of Knit&Tonic for the possible offense caused by this silent film of the lacy shawl--a lacy shawl that requires pesky little pins to block; I'll be sure to move the shawl immmediately off the chair, and hang it on the wall, as soon as I get home tonight-- ;)**

**You gotta love people who aren't afraid to share their opinions :) Although, I must confess, I'm a bit nervous now about modelling this for everyone in the coming days after her post of today and all of the commenters saying how much they dislike the look of shawls, especially triangle-shaped ones (something about the arrow pointing to one's butt!?!). I hope I can pull it off. And if not, who cares? I *love* my Kiri shawl.