Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Few Good Things and Some Things That Just Look Nasty (Viewer Discretion Advised)

I finished tissue holder number 2. Thanks to Craftapalooza, I think that these will become the lastest handmade stocking stuffers for the holidays this year.

Here's the inside, with a contrasting pinky-peach fabric.

So now, two down, and about eight to go--

Other good things: sitting on the front porch during a rain storm with a nice Merlot, a good book, and my Guido's smoking his pipe beside me. (I love the smell of the pipe; I don't love the pipe smoke.)

Also getting out of the rain, is Mr. Snail. Can you imagine, people (me, being people) eat these things???*** He just looks so nasty! (Sorry, snail-lovers, but it's true.)

Something not nasty? These beautiful mums starting to make their way into bloom, loving the recent rains.

Ooopsss, more nasty! So, speaking of "can-you-believe-people-eat-these-things?," can you believe some people eat these things? These things, being, of course, for those Ukrainians in the know, ***cabbage rolls. My partner's family was here this past weekend and to commemorate Canadian Thanksgiving (which we miss down here in the US), Guido's aunt had us made cabbage rolls. Lovely to eat. Not so lovely to look at. In fact, this photo seems so nasty to me that it's bordering on the pornographic--

Knitting content: tomorrow, the photos of Clapotis, and the yarn that I've acquired for (at last) my Zimmermania project.